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Financial Solutions

Smoothing life’s path…

Life is surprising. Unfortunately, some revelations are more welcome than others. During emotional and tough times, financial worries can simply escalate the challenges facing you and your family. With a bit of forward planning and the right protection products on your side, some peace of mind can be restored, leaving you to focus on what’s really important.

Protection can cover you or your partner if you:

  • are diagnosed with a critical illness;
  • suffer an accident or illness and are unable to work;
  • lose your job;
  • want to be treated privately;
  • die.

Understanding the products that are around and the sort of financial assistance they can deliver can be reassuringly comforting. Information featured on our website can educate you on the different products and options available. To get the right answers to your personal circumstances though, it’s usually best to call in professional advice.

We can help you decide on:

  • which steps to take to protect you and your dependants;
  • the best products for your evolving needs;
  • what needs doing first.

Current family circumstances or a change in job could influence how much protection you need. To keep your life on track, whatever the knocks, contact us today.

Planning for tomorrow, today…

It is never too early to start thinking about packing up and taking off to live the dream. All it takes is a plan. Putting it off until tomorrow, will simply delay the inevitable. Remember, it is better to do something than nothing at all. The big question, is how much do you need to live a comfortable retirement? Everyone’s dream is different. What you value will be different to everyone around you. But money and how you save it is the overriding factor to a more financially secure future. Taking the first step is easier with support.  As experienced retirement planning advisers, our guidance is designed to find your right way forward.

We can:

  • help you work back from your retirement aspirations, calculating how much you realistically need save;
  • select products that are flexible enough to adapt to your changing circumstances between now and retirement;
  • find the perfect blend for your needs today, and your plans tomorrow.

The trend of people needing to save for their own future is unlikely to slow. If you think now’s the right time to start planning for tomorrow, today, contact us now.

Think before saving

Mounting pressures on people to build a nest egg for retirement can sometimes force people down the wrong path. It’s important you develop a total savings strategy that will reduce the risk of losing money you set aside, but equally will maximise growth. As always, it’s about balance.

Parking some of your money in a pension scheme can deliver great tax breaks. As well as being tax efficient for new growth and income, you will get an extra 20% boost courtesy of our Government. Higher rate taxpayers can claim further tax relief through their tax return.

Pensions work like an investment wrapper, so are similar to an ISA. The difference is in the limits and benefits. Like any investment, you will choose which funds to invest your pension pot in. Higher returns and higher risks are likely to go hand-in-hand. However, these are long-term plans, so your pension performance should smooth out fluctuations in investments.

The downside of investing purely through a pension fund is it can restrict how and when you can access your money. Talking to a specialist retirement adviser can help you balance a pension with other more accessible investments and cash savings.

Approaching retirement

Suddenly, the retirement years are around the corner. You’ve thought things through, filled up the pension fund over the last thirty to forty years and your plans are swiftly all but a reality. Soon you’ll be living off your pension. But what exactly does this mean?

When retirement time arrives, choosing what to do with your saved money requires careful thought. For many, the decision is easy – replace your work income with a pension income. It pays to choose carefully, ensuring you enjoy every penny you’ve invested and saved.

Whether you’ve got £1.5 million banked or £45,000, this is likely to be the biggest cash lump sum you’ve seen. But remember this. People are living longer and longer. Life expectancy is rising year on year. You might need this pot of money to stretch for another 30 years, or more.

Making your money work harder…

Just like you need petrol to run a car, money provides you with the means to live your life. Big purchases, holidays, a wedding, emergency reserves to dip into if out of work …  tucking some spare cash aside regularly makes good money sense. Picture this, you’ve just landed a cash bonus or been left a sum of money in a will, what saving vehicle will you choose? There’s quite a selection, each offering different terms and incentives. The first question you should ask yourself is; how quickly do you need access to the money? Would you be prepared to forgo instant access for a higher rate of interest?

Talking to an independent financial adviser will help you:

  • decide which saving facilities and features are relevant to you;
  • pinpoint what you are saving for and how much you’ll need to set aside to reach that goal;
  • compare the cost of any debts you have accumulated against the interest you are likely earn in savings
  • source the most tax efficient savings account.

Portfolio Planning…

Today there are a bewildering range of savings and investment vehicles and options available to the investor. Building an investment portfolio must take into account tax opportunities and implications, attitude to risk and reward and balancing it to the need for income, growth or both.

Following a detailed personal review of your current financial position, aspirations and objectives, we will assess all of the above factors with you before making recommendations for your asset portfolio. Wealth creation and management is an ongoing process and we will look to meet regularly to ensure the best chance of your objectives being met.

To discover new ways in which you can make your money work more effectively, contact us today.